More Enlightened Roads

Sometimes I look at the road systems of this modern human society and I’m halfway between impressed and wondering how anyone is still alive. Ground-based transport was done away with long ago where I’m from, because of the potential for accidents. The only people walking around on the ground were the unwashed masses who did…well, I’m not sure. We didn’t think about them very much.

But here, it’s almost ALL ground travel. People seem to function alright in their inefficient oil cars, so there must be some kind of traffic consultants. Melbourne would grind to a total halt if there was no plan in place, although with my ancient insight, I bet I could do that job quite well myself. I don’t have any training, or a driver’s license, but I DO have a more developed brain on account of being generally better than anyone else.

If I were a traffic consultant- and when I take my place as the ruler of this society on the basis of just being better than everyone else, I basically will be- I’m going to put in more roundabouts. If you’re not going to develop flying cars when you clearly have the technology, then you might as well make it much easier to turn around when you need to. 

Also, car parks…I’m not too sure about them. True, where I’m from, our vehicles simply folded up and could be placed in our pockets for easy transport, since we’d mastered the art of manipulating mass several centuries prior. However…big spaces just for cars to remain sedentary? I’m just not sure that’s the most efficient use of the space…perhaps we can create some sort of system by which cars are swallowed by the earth, stored underground, and you get them back by some kind of bio-token system. To me, that’s rather old hat, but needs must. Baby steps.

If there ARE car park design consultants in Melbourne, I need to see how they function, understand their ways. It’ll be good preparation for when this entire continent is transformed into Atlantis II.