Proper Relationship

I realise that if you’re having neighbour problems, your local conveyancer isn’t your first port of call. Or really, your last port of call. In fact, they have nothing much to do with how you use your property once all the documents are signed. Isn’t that odd? I’ve always found that very odd, how you can have so much to do with someone over such a long period, and then once everything is signed, that’s it. Bye, conveyancers! Thanks for setting me up with this place that I’ll be using for the next fifty years or so! Guess I’ll never see you again.

I mean, there might be some conveyancers based in Melbourne who have a bro policy. Like, they come and check on you after you’ve moved, making sure you’ve settled in, maybe even bringing a pizza and chilling on the sofa so they can REALLY get the sense that their clients are satisfied. I quite like that idea- it adds a personal touch. Of course, you’d also have the option of going into a regular conveyancing office, where people wear suits and address you as sir or madam and your property transfer is over and done with without you ever having learned so much as their last name. And that’s it, you never have a reason to ever see them or use their services again. Funny, isn’t it?

I wish it were different. I know the lady in the bank is just there to do her job, and there’s always a queue behind me. Still. I want to know about her day. I want to know how she gets on with her siblings, if her marriage is alright, what she thinks of the season 7 finale of Fantasy where John Crow was made Lord of the South and that dragon lady is heading towards Easter-Oz to spread hugs and warm love to all. Some people just want their title transfers. Maybe I value conveyancers as people, and thus I want a bit more of a relationship.