The Fur Flies

So, this weekend we may have dodged a bullet. Our lemurs are very friendly, of course; we wouldn’t have an open section of the sanctuary if they were known for aggression. Vigorous as they can be with the furniture and the wires, this species is quite curious and gentle when it comes to humans.

But that’s no reason to relax if they manage to get loose, as a trio of them finally did on the weekend. All this security in the new facility, and they still managed to slip the net and stow themselves away in a visitor’s car, which was then taken to a car mechanic around Bendigo. So yeah, all that noise did not help the situation. I was told that the three of them escaped the car, went nuts in the workshop and the whole thing had to be sealed off for the safety of everyone. Thankfully, the owner of the car put two and two together, giving us a call and letting the next two hours in a car mechanic’s garage, trying to get three lemurs back into a travel cage. 

More accurately, we spent half an hour getting two of them in, then the third one had to be coaxed into the open with a special sandwich, spread with fresh butter and the most expensive chocolate spread money can buy. These lemurs and their expensive tastes… we should’ve known.

So, the services of Bendigo car mechanics had something of a blip that day, for which I do apologise. I’d imagine them opening up the mechanic garage again and saying that all the roadworthy certificates were delayed because of ‘lemur problems’ is going to raise some eyebrows. Maybe next time the company van needs an aircon regas, Bendigo is the place we’ll go, even if it’s a bit out of the way. That’ll be our way of saying ‘sorry some of our lemurs shut down your business for half the day’.

I had a look, but they definitely don’t make cards for that event.