Stylist + Consultant

Welcome! If you’ve managed to find me, you’re probably someone who loves the thrill of the hunt. Whether it’s taking down your opposition, landing a huge deal or locking in the final piece of a game-changing algorithm, you’re someone who’s willing to venture deeper than most. Am I right? 

If so, it’s only fitting that your look should reflect that.



My passion is for hunting down lost gems in vintage and antique accessories, apparel and lifestyle paraphernalia. With nose and nous combined, I track down the rare, the beautiful and the marvellous. These wearable works of impeccable craftsmanship are selected for more than just aesthetic impact – quality, functionality and excellent condition are essential for a find to pass muster and make its way into your hands. 

I comb the globe in search of the long-lost pieces that have been missing from your wardrobe, then bring them together with contemporary staples to craft a look that’s a seasoned, sophisticated and sensational reflection of your real self.  



The manufacture of new clothing, particularly fast fashion, is a wild beast that’s been allowed to run amok, wreaking havoc on the earth and perpetuating injustice in the domain of human rights. How do we reconcile this with our insatiable thirst for adornment and aesthetic play? One answer is by valuing and enjoying what we already have in abundance. This isn’t to say that we should stop the rag trade in its tracks, but rather that we can bring it under control by paying more attention to its dynamics, acquiring an appreciation of fibres, fabrics and garment construction, and getting the most out of every piece.

Alongside this, many people today are seeking alternatives to mainstream fashion that won’t turn their wallets (or turquoise-studded money clips) inside out.



I’m Anvil Charles Colby, a personal stylist and style consultant based in Australia. Constantly travelling, I’m in a position to source rare gems from across the globe. I specialise in vintage Americana, leather goods, and Italian, Greek, Egyptian and Iranian textiles. 

I work from a unisex perspective, sourcing items that appeal to personal taste rather than fixed dress codes. Most of my clients enjoy a rugged yet refined look that meets the needs of contemporary, everyday dressing.