5 Must-Have Vintage Accessories

In my book, accessories are top priority for outstanding vintage styling. Without further ado, I present my top picks, in no particular order:

  1. An embellished leather belt

A leather belt is a great place to start your vintage collection. Why? Because everyone needs something to stop their pants falling down, and that hasn’t changed in the past hundred years or so. A belt in embossed, studded or otherwise decoratively styled leather will add instant interest to any outfit without overpowering your existing wardrobe, and is always a worthwhile investment. Be sure it’s genuine leather rather than a vinyl knock-off.

  1. A rugged, broad-brimmed hat

Ready to make a louder statement? A cowboy hat is your friend, and I’m not talking about the kind you can pick up for twenty bucks from a costume shop. This is, after all, not a costume. I repeat: this is not a costume item. Find one that fits your head, is beautifully crafted and makes you look like you’ve just stepped off your ranch in Nevada. Wear it like you mean it or forget about it, son.

  1. An extravagant bolo tie

To really look the part, you’re going to want to get in some jewellery. A one-of-a-kind bolo tie is style personified. They’re having a bit of a comeback at the moment, so you might expect to pay a premium for a really nice one. Still, you won’t mind when you catch yourself striding down the street with a turquoise and silver turtle hanging out under your collar on a leather cord. Jasper, moonstone, opal and obsidian are other nice stones to look out for.

  1. A quirky money clip

Money clips: you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Regardless, these babies are pure vintage class. Whipping one out at a bar adds a whole next level of intrigue to your look, and they’re another opportunity to express your personal tastes. Look for ones with intricate, esoteric symbols, old coins and defunct brand logos – it’s almost a case of the seedier, the better. Don’t match your money clip to your bolo tie, unless you mean serious business about it.

  1. Boots made for walking

Vintage leather boots are really the icing on the cake. Done right, they can take your outfit from go to woah. The one proviso is not compromising comfort for style, keeping in mind that vintage footwear generally offers less support, grip and overall functionality than you’re probably accustomed to. With perseverance, though, you’re bound to eventually meet your perfect counterpart in vintage boot form – snakeskin panels and all.