Cities of Solar!

Brisbane and solar power go together like concentrated yeast extract and toast. Like a grill and a burger. Like cold one and a hard day’s yakka.

You’d think by now, the buildings in Brisbane would be coated in solar panels – just plastered in them. Maybe they should be making entire skyscrapers out of solar panels, although that might cause construction problems, I don’t really know. I’m just a futurist, not a construction worker. 

Regardless, I have a presentation to finish for the club meeting, and I need to know the latest on commercial solar within Brisbane. My eventual idea for the future is that we’ll eventually build a sturdy material that actually absorbs solar rays, and that’ll just be what houses are made out of. Homes, businesses, skyscrapers, play parks… commercial or otherwise, our society will be solar-receptive by nature. And after that, jetpacks. Yep, cheap and easy jetpacks for everyone! See, the jetpacks would also be made out of solar panels, so you could fly around with them indefinitely as long as it’s sunny. Beach resorts would just be filled with people from cold, cloudy climates who come there for the express purpose of zipping around using solar jetpacks. The world will be a very different place indeed, especially when they add solar jetpack events to the Olympics. Tell you what, that’ll get their viewing figures up by quite a large amount. Everyone loves jetpacks.

First they need to spread the solar love around a little bit, however, because currently I don’t think people realise its power. You’ve got that gigantic space right in the middle of the country, desert with sun beating down every day, and no one has thought to put a 100kw system there? Nobody? Honestly, we at the Futurist Club seem to be the only ones who care about humanity’s future sometimes.

People think we’re unrealistic, but have they ever tried nutting out how to build a jetpack? In most cases, the answer is no, so how would they know the fist thing about our level of realism?