DIY Heating Repair?

I’ve been trying to fix my home’s heater on my own, but it really isn’t working out. I know I should be leaving it to the professionals, but my wife insists that we can save money by doing it ourselves. Sure, I can do that, even though I’m far from a qualified air conditioner and heater technician and wouldn’t even know how to put a broken toaster back together. I barely even know how to change a lightbulb without electrocuting myself. But yeah, why not fiddle about with the heater’s parts and see what happens? Something tells me that even if I get it working, we’ll lose money because we should get a carbon monoxide tester to make sure I haven’t put us in mortal danger.

Doesn’t she remember the time I tried to fix our washing machine? That didn’t end too well. Do you want to guess where that washing machine is now? It’s sitting at the dump, rusting away, completely broken. The thing actually caught fire after I ‘fixed’ it. I knew I didn’t have the ability to repair it, but the missus insisted that I try. I fully expect the same thing to happen with this heater. It’s a terrible idea. My skills are levelled up all wrong. I haven’t put any skill points into technology, so you can pretty much guarantee something is going to go poorly, and we’ll be out buying a new heating system in no time. Then we’ll just be wishing we had gotten a heating and cooling technician near Melbourne to help us out, just as I said.

The problem is that my wife thinks I should be able to fix anything because that was the attitude her dad had. When we first got married, he’d come around all the time to fix up our car or get the television working. She knew I wasn’t that kind of guy, so I’m not sure why all of a sudden she’s decided I can fix anything. Just leave it to the professionals!