Fighting the heat

What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made? Before today, I don’t think I could have told you mine. If I had one, it’s been replaced by a new worst decision. Nothing else even comes close to it. Today I decided to go for a hike. That’s the thing about this country. In the morning, you’ve got no idea just how hot it’s going to get. My weather app wasn’t working, and I was feeling pretty chilly, so I thought it would be fine. An hour away from home, and it was starting to heat up. Another hour later, I was out of water. Then it took two hours to get home. I have never been so hot as I was on the way back.

When I finally got home, eager to cool down, I ran inside. That’s when I realised the worst thing of all. My air conditioning was broken. I panicked. Where could I get air conditioning repairs in the Canberra CBD? I should have gotten it done sooner, before this heat struck. But how could I have predicted it? It’s forty degrees today, hotter than I’ve ever seen it here. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for some cold air on me. I wish I hadn’t gone on that hike.

It’s bad enough sitting here, swelling in the heat, but now my laptop is heating up too. It feels like my legs are on fire. It’s so hot. I’ve already had two showers today. Maybe I should go to the pool, but that means I’d have to get in the car, or even worse, walk again. Now that I think about it, my car’s air conditioner is broken too. I suppose the only solution is to track down the best air conditioning service Canberra residents trust. If there aren’t any available, I guess I’ll just become a human roast. At least I wouldn’t have to cook dinner tonight. But I just wish I could be cold again.