Necessary Software Upgrade

I just got an alert that my work passwords have been stolen in some sort of data breach. This is a disaster. What if a hacker gets into my accounts and learns top secret information about my business? I knew I shouldn’t have done business with that cheap service provider online. I should have made sure I used trusted trade job management software instead of opting for the cheaper alternative. Everyone warned me that I was making a mistake and should go with a more reputable company but I wanted to save money. Now it could cost me a fortune. 

I don’t really know what to do about the whole password breach situation, but I do know that I have to talk to a company offering job management software for tradesmen. I need the company to sit me down and explain the specifics of the system so that I can a) trust it and b) understand how to use it. I’ve barely even used the dodgy system that I just recently bought. I hadn’t even had enough time to get my hands dirty with the software before it caused a full-on meltdown with all my tech stuff.

I spoke to a mate of mine who also owns and runs his own electrical company. He’s recommended me the best electrician management software available for Melbourne businesses. It’s the one he uses and he said he’s never had a problem with it in his entire working career. Not only has he never had a problem with it, he said it’s also increased his operations and helped him maximise his profits. That’s very different from what my previous job management software did.

I’m going to get a tech person in to figure out my passwords issue and I’m going to talk to the reputable trade job management software company about getting my company all set up with their system. I won’t skip on quality ever again.