Operation Pool Table

After Operation Fitness Boost was less successful than I had hoped, I returned to my quarters to strategise a new approach for my friend Cataria. In our world of constant conflict and strategic battles, perhaps something less physically intensive yet mentally engaging could lift her spirits. Drawing from the past, when Cataria and I had shared lighter moments over board games, an idea sparked. I decided to try a game that combined physicality with strategy – pool.

Remembering the many advertisements I had come across, I started to research where to buy a pool table for sale online. The multitude of options was overwhelming, but my decision was made when I found a supplier who offered a quality table, made with the finest wood and complemented with lush green felt. The order was placed, the package arrived, and we were ready for ‘Operation Pool Table’.

As the games started, I hoped to see a spark in Cataria’s eyes – a sign of her enjoying this diversion. The echoes of the balls clashing, the chalk dust in the air, and the concentration it took to plan each shot, I thought, would provide an excellent distraction from our recent setbacks.

However, as each game concluded, I could see it wasn’t having the desired effect. Each missed shot, each game lost seemed to remind Cataria of our recent failures in the field. My heart sank as I realised that the competition, rather than cheering her up, was reinforcing her feelings of defeat.

As I sat down to record this journal entry, my gaze wandered back to the pool table, now standing as a reminder of yet another failed mission. My thoughts drifted back to the online store where I had sourced the pool table. I remembered seeing an option to buy a table tennis table online in Australia. Maybe a faster, less serious game could be the diversion that Cataria needs. As I sign off tonight’s entry, I am already planning ‘Operation Table Tennis’. Let’s hope this next mission is a success.