Podiatry Clinic Two

Recently, my husband and I enrolled our daughter in soccer, responding to her persistent desire to try a sport and join her friends who had already taken up athletic pursuits. As a family, we sat down one evening to review a range of sports options available in our vicinity. Armed with videos showcasing various activities, we anticipated her leaning toward gymnastics. To our surprise, after consulting with the best local foot specialist Cheltenham had, she ultimately settled on soccer. Cheltenham boasts several podiatry clinics, and our association with one of them began a couple of years ago when our daughter was taking her first steps. Her feet have always displayed unconventional contours, and it wasn’t until she embarked on those initial strides that I recognised the flatness of her feet. Having battled flat feet myself, I understand the challenges they pose, particularly during physical activities.

In my adolescence, I resorted to orthotics for relief, an option I’m hesitant to pursue for my daughter until her feet have reached full maturity. However, insights from the podiatrist suggest an earlier intervention might yield benefits. Thus, I’ve decided to procure the finest children’s orthotics Cheltenham offers. The intention is for her to become accustomed to wearing insoles while engaging in soccer, gradually aligning her with this corrective measure. The hope is that her feet might naturally adjust over time. Should this approach fall short, it’s comforting to recognise that progress is being made.

Acknowledging her young age and the level of soccer she’ll be participating in – characterised by its modest intensity – I remain steadfast in my determination to prioritise her foot health. Though her current engagement may be relatively low-key, nurturing her feet properly is crucial, considering the potential for her talents to flourish. I’m committed to ensuring that her aspirations aren’t hindered should she choose to advance to higher levels of play in the future. After all, that’s what a good parent should do, right?