The Secret

When it comes to accessorising, I like to go all out. Otherwise, it’s not really an accessory, is it? It’s just an extra thing you have to cart around for its functional value. A truly great accessory will meet that functional need while also being a fully integrated party of your outfit. For example, a glam heel will take a reserved evening look to the next level, while a velvet scarf will usher an office chic day look into the night. 

But the real secret to accessorising lies beyond the accessories themselves. I’m talking about things like toe and shoe pads, strap converters, sticky dots and the like – all the bits and bobs that help hold everything in place and get you through the proceedings with a modicum of comfort. No idea what I’m on about? Well, exactly. If these things are doing their job well, you won’t know they’re there. They’re the indispensable, behind-the-scenes workhorses that allow the stars of the show to work their magic. 

If you’re a true accessories devotee, particularly in the shoe department, you’ll make friends with your local podiatrist. I’m serious. This is because successful accessorising has a huge amount to do with how you wear things. For example, you could be wearing the most traffic-stopping shoes in the world, but it’s all for nothing if you can’t walk (if not run after a taxi or play lawn bowls) in them with grace to spare. A look can too easily be ruined by ingrown toenails or even something like plantar fasciitis, which can be long-term results of not looking after the most important piece of the puzzle: you, the wearer.

The take-home message? Accessory choice is key to crafting a look, but the supporting elements are equally crucial to achieving wardrobe mastery. Sure, no one will know they’re there, but people will notice if they’re not they’re not there. They may not know what’s missing, but they’ll sense it in an uncomfortable, teetering gait, an awkwardly placed strap, a slipping facade of togetherness. 

That’s the secret. Thank me later.