A soccer mum

I never thought the day would come when I’d become a soccer mum. I’ve spent most of my child, teenage and now adult life hating soccer mums

only to turn into one. It felt like this progression happened overnight too! My kids turned a certain age and were in school then next thing I knew I was living in activewear, sipping on takeaway coffees from my own BYO coffee mug, and driving around in a 4wd. The 4wd came about when I started taking the kids to soccer every Wednesday and Saturday. My husband felt it would be better to take a bigger vehicle that would be a lot more comfortable for long drives, especially if we were going to help out by giving other kids on the team lifts too. The different treatment you get on the road when driving a 4wd however is very interesting. I’ve noticed cars are less inclined to cut off 4wd and will always give way. Perhaps the size is intimidating to other drivers?

The only thing that was difficult about driving a 4wd was that I had to find a dedicated 4wd mechanic driving distance from Moorabbin to work on my vehicle. Once I found one then the stress stopped and I could simply enjoy my car. The kids like the 4wd too. How could they not, it’s just so spacious and even has a TV for them to enjoy when we go on long haul drives. Not that they need the TV ever. Sadly, all kids have iPads and know how to work phones now – having a TV in a car is old news.

In order to keep the 4wd in good condition, I have been sure to stay on top of getting the car serviced regularly. I’m glad I have a reliable mechanic. Moorabbin has a few dodgy roads that are paved poorly, so it’s great knowing I have someone I can trust to sort out my tyres and suspension.