A Tattoo Tribute

This month has been filled with immense pain and sorrow for my family and I. Our eight-month old puppy Bert, was hit by a car when someone had the gate open to take the bins out. Being the excited, happy and playful puppy that he was, he followed the sound of the bins rumbling against the concrete, and devastatingly, he kept running past the curb. I can’t begin to explain the trauma that this has inflicted upon the whole family. We lost one of our most important family members that day. We lost him far too young and our hearts will never be the same, and so my husband and I have desired to get matching tattoos of Bert’s paw so that he will be with us forever. These tattoos will be visible to our children, so that Bert lives on in their hearts too.

We agreed we wouldn’t have the job done by anyone other than a renowned tattoo artist. Melbourne has fabulous tattoo parlours, but we made sure we spoke to as many people as possible for reviews before we decided on a particular one. The tattoo design came out fantastic, and every little detail of Bert’s paw was treated with respect and made evident on our skin. I’m not afraid to admit that I shed quite a few tears when I saw the end result.

The tattoo of Bert’s paw is my most special tattoo so far. I’m no stranger when it comes to body ink, and I love all the pieces on my body, but the tribute to Bert will be the most important to me for the rest of my life. I am also willing to get it touched up if that’s what’s needed for the tattoo. Siargao, where I grew up and where the rest of my family live, have many talented tattoo artists that will touch up my tattoo without batting an eyelid. It’s nice to know that people are genuinely kind and will go out of their way to ease a person’s grief. I will thank them earnestly for it.