Get Rid Of It

I am so embarrassed about this tattoo that I got when I was younger living in a share house. I thought it would be such a good idea at the time and a great way to show that we’re best friends who are bonded for life. At the time I didn’t think that I would …

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A Tattoo Tribute

This month has been filled with immense pain and sorrow for my family and I. Our eight-month old puppy Bert, was hit by a car when someone had the gate open to take the bins out. Being the excited, happy and playful puppy that he was, he followed the sound of the bins rumbling against …

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I Stand Out

It’s hard to miss me in a crowd. I would seriously even go as far as to say that I stand out. I’m six-foot-four, I have long red hair and I am absolutely covered in tattoos.  Believe me, when I say covered, I mean completely covered. Head-to-toe. I have hundreds of multi-coloured little pictures and …

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