Get Rid Of It

I am so embarrassed about this tattoo that I got when I was younger living in a share house. I thought it would be such a good idea at the time and a great way to show that we’re best friends who are bonded for life. At the time I didn’t think that I would have a massive falling out with the girls who had been my best friends for years and so I thought it was a great idea. I was wrong. The girls are no longer my friends and I am in desperate need of a quality cover up tattoo. I don’t want to be reminded of my past friendships and failed relationships any longer.

I’m really glad that at the time, we decided to get a small tattoo. We thought that a small tattoo would be really cute and understated, and it would be a great talking point when people finally noticed it. I didn’t think that it should be small in case we needed to get it covered up, but I am really glad that we opted for the smaller option. It’ll give my chosen tattooist a lot more freedom than if they had to work to cover up a larger piece.  

In my eagerness to get rid of my tattoo, I’ve told the esteemed tattooist in Brisbane that they can have complete creative freedom over the new design. I don’t care what they do as long as it looks nothing like the tattoo that I currently have. Whether they want to tattoo someone’s face on me, give me one of those stereotypical ‘mom’ tattoos even though I’m Australian or create this completely custom piece for me, I’m happy. I seriously don’t care what it is. It just has to be better than my current one. Anyway, I won’t update you guys once the tattoo is done but I can tell you now that I’m sure it’ll be great!