Kind Support Worker

Okay, because my mum has distracted me for so long today, I only have 7 minutes left to finish my work before I have to start on the next client. I’m definitely not going to get it done in that time but I’m going to try and get as much done as possible. That way I can at least charge a bit less time against another client whilst I secretly work on this one. 

But anyway, I was meant to update you all on how my conversation about my mother went with the NDIS high-intensity support provider. Well, the support worker was extremely helpful and lovely. She talked me through what type of care they could give my mother and how she would need to be assessed to properly make decisions on her care. Speaking to the support worker made me feel really secure and as if I could trust that her team would truly care for my mother. That makes me feel extremely relieved. I’m also really grateful that they have offered to take her on, because I was worried they wouldn’t be able to based on capacity limits. 

By putting my mum in care I’ll be a lot more productive at work. I’ll be able to ensure she gets the highest quality positive behaviour support in the Adelaide CBD and that she lives a happy, healthy life for the years to come. That makes me really happy. I’m not doing enough for her at the moment, even though I’m doing as much as I possibly can for her. I promise that I’m trying my best to look after my mum but my best isn’t good enough. I’m not a proud woman – I can admit that what I’m doing isn’t enough, as sad as that makes me feel. I want her to be okay. I’ll let you know how her transition to support care goes in the coming weeks.