The Dancing Butterfly

Ever since I was young, I have dreamed of being a dancer. I watched dance shows on television, attended dance recitals in my local area, and even went so far as to take dance lessons. It grew from a dream, to a hobby, to a lifestyle. Now, I am one of Australia’s best dancers, and I want my house to reflect that.

I already have dozens of trophies and medals displayed around the place, but I want something more. My friend recently told me about this dance wallpaper for girls I can get from a store near me. I looked the store up online, and it turns out it’s a really reputable wallpaper store and is known right across Australia for having high-quality wallpapers. It came with options for free delivery, as well as click and collect. I ended up choosing the free delivery option, since it means I don’t have to go all the way to the store. Another reason I like this store is because all of its wallpaper is manufactured in Melbourne, using non-toxic, water-based inks. It claims to be simple to install, which is awesome because I am a dancer, not a scientist. I’ve seen some of those renovation television shows and that wallpaper looks insanely difficult. However, this is supposedly beginner and DIY-friendly.

While I was on the store’s website, I also picked up a small batch of colourful butterfly wallpaper made in Melbourne. I’m going to give it to my niece for her birthday, as she’s a huge fan of butterflies and tends to draw them all over her kindergarten notebooks.

If I like the wallpaper enough, I might even order more for my dance studio. The décor in there is pretty outdated, so I know my teachers would appreciate a thoughtful gesture like that. I’ve been with the same studio since I was a child and I owe much of my professional success to them. Gifting my brilliant interior design skills is the least I can do for those guys.