Booking An Eye Test

So I’ve decided to face my fears and book an eye test at the optometrist. Seeing as my doctor was so adamant about me getting an eye test that he told me not to come back to his doctor’s surgery without one, I decided to bite the bullet and book in for an appointment. I am very scared and I’m going to have to seek out the support of my wife on the day of the appointment or I fear that I will end up just not showing up. 

I imagine my life would be very different if I had a positive experience at the children’s optometrist all of those years ago. I wouldn’t be scared to have optometrists or dentists come close to my face if things had been handled differently when I was younger. Oh well. This is just the hand I’ve been dealt and there’s not much I can do about it. I can either let myself live in fear or after twenty years, I can finally let go of my fear and live the life that I should be living. 

Maybe I’ll benefit from visiting the behavioural optometrist located in Bayside. I don’t actually know what behavioural optometrists do, but as someone who definitely has behavioural issues when it comes to people getting close to my face, maybe I should visit one.

Sorry, I don’t even know if this blog post is making sense. I’m emotionally exhausted at the thought of booking myself in for an eye test and it’s really draining me in pretty much all aspects of my life. Hopefully, the sooner I get the eye test done, the sooner I feel better. Maybe it’s just one of those scenarios where I have to rip off the bandaid, wince for a few moments and then get on with my life.

If I have a good experience with this optometrist then I’m going to book my kids in for an eye test too.