Fix The Internet

The internet in my office building is terrible. I am seriously unable to get any work done because of long load times that then result in failed search results. I can’t access important documents. When I can access the documents, I then can’t click on the specific areas that I need to delve deeper into. It’s just a nightmare. I’m trying to find a lost payment from last quarter and it’s either not loading because of the internet or it was never paid. If it was never paid then that’s my head on the chopping block.

God, I just wish my internet would work! Does anyone know how to fix slow internet for commercial businesses? I am stressed out of my brain. I shouldn’t have to work in an office space with dodgy internet. Internet that negatively impacts my day-to-day operations and makes me question whether or not payments have gone through. I might just quit before we find out whether or not the payment has been processed. If it hasn’t, at least they can’t fire me in front of everyone. If it has, at least I don’t have to agonise over trying to get work done with such slow internet holding me back. 

I just wish my boss would get in contact with telecommunications contractors. In Melbourne and surrounds there are plenty of contractors to choose from. So just pick someone and have them come to fix our slow internet. If we get a professional in, I’m sure the problem will be fixed within the hour. It doesn’t make any sense to delay getting a contractor in just because it costs money. The entire company working unproductively because we don’t have functional internet would definitely cost more in the long run. If it isn’t completely obvious, I am very frustrated. I’m also stressed about broaching the possibility of the missing payment to my boss. This is a nightmare.