I Stand Out

It’s hard to miss me in a crowd. I would seriously even go as far as to say that I stand out. I’m six-foot-four, I have long red hair and I am absolutely covered in tattoos. 

Believe me, when I say covered, I mean completely covered. Head-to-toe. I have hundreds of multi-coloured little pictures and sayings all over my body. They all work together to tell a story, and they all represent me. They also ensure that I stand out in every possible situation you could imagine. They are great. 

There’s been a tattoo trend lately that is both controversial and extremely hard to miss. I’m proud to say I did it before it was trendy. Face tattoos seem to symbolise two things: one, a rapper’s initiation into internet fame and two, me. 

I’ve been to almost every tattoo studio Brisbane has to offer. I’ve come across hundreds of designs and been exposed to some of the best tattoo artists available. Every one of these factors have come together to represent the person that I am. Each design, and its interaction with other designs, tells a story. A story that anyone can understand if they look hard enough. The best tattoos can be found on me. I don’t mean to sound full of myself. I can’t take credit for the art on my body. All credit goes to the artists who worked together to create the story of my life and portray me to the world. I’ve been tattooed internationally. My latest design came from a tattoo studio near Ho Chi Minh City and it looks fantastic.

Standing out is something that all of us want to do. My appearance makes me stand out. My tattoos are a more prominent feature than my fiery red hair and tall stature, because I chose them. My tattoos are my defining feature because I made them so, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.