Boom, Disqualification!

They don’t usually have total maniacs on The Great Australian Trade-Off. And to be fair to the producers (or whoever picks the contestants), Kirralee seemed pretty normal in the first few weeks. They did that thing with all the contestants where they show a bit of their home life, with Kirralee saying she was a medical receptionist who liked to jog in her spare time. All very normal. They showed her nice little home in Nilma, her flower patch, her two lovely children and her eight husbands, all of whom had to give up their legal names upon marrying her and were now named after the seven ancient circles of the Duat in ancient Egyptian mythology.

So yeah, all fairly normal, but then Kirralee goes on a rampage because she had to call just about every glazier around Melbourne during one of the challenges, and they said they aren’t able to do large-scale projects on the same day. That’s totally normal in the world of business, of course. Ask anyone who works anywhere doing services for clients, and your answer will be the same: you can’t just call them up and expect them to drop everything because your job is more important, apparently.

So Kirralee goes nuts, offers one company double the budget they had for that task (which was to construct stairs for a high-end office lobby), swears a lot, flings the phone out of a fortieth-storey window and puts her fist through a wall. The judges step in for the first time ever in the middle of a challenge, and her shocked teammates had to find glass repair people all by themselves. They were making something with glass stair balustrades, so they needed a really experienced balustrade company. 

Anyway, Kirralee became the first contestant ever to be disqualified. She got picked up in a limo with her eight husbands and the last we saw of her, she was bringing down an ancient curse upon the judges.

Oh, but they got the balustrades done! Yeah, a kind of spiral staircase effect. Really nice.