Dear Dream Diary…

I can’t believe I’ve never had this idea before. It’s brilliant! 

My dreams are always so exciting and full of life, so here I am with the first entry in my dream diary, in the hopes that typing some of this stuff out will make it so I’m able to interpret them more fully. Great idea from me. Best I’ve ever had.

With the preliminaries now concluded, let’s talk about ducted heating companies near Sydney. I’d been researching a lot into heating and cooling the day before, on the orders of the boss, hence why it was on my mind. Anyway, I suddenly found myself in a wide, open plain full of wheat. I was content to simply frolic for a while, but then suddenly, there was Stacey Darlington! She was my first childhood love; our affair ended rather violently after she found out that it was me sending her those Valentine’s Day cards saying ‘Will you be my darling-ton?’

Turns out she didn’t appreciate puns and tried to feed me to the moving bus wheels. Anyway, she was expelled and I think she ended up in prison for armed robbery, last I checked. The dream version of her looked just like she used to in school, and she came up to me with a heating unit of some kind under her arm. She offered it to me, saying that it was finally time for something of my own. I took it, said thank you to Stacey for her kind gift, and added that I was very sorry about the puns. She vanished, I woke up, and now I’m wondering what it all means.

Obviously, the answer is that I’m in need of heating and cooling. I don’t have any where I am. I was going to get some installed in my old home, but I could never find the right split system heating installer, Sydney being a bit of a rabbit warren at times. I guess it’s time to pick up the search once again!