Dad’s Work Woes

I can tell that my dad doesn’t like his job. He falls into a deep sadness at the end of every weekend, and an even deeper sadness at the end of a holiday. He refuses to talk about work at home because he doesn’t like to be reminded about it and will only ever go into the city on the weekend unless it’s for a football game. He hates anything that reminds him of his job, and it makes me really sad to think about. 

I want to get him in touch with someone who offers career change advice. Melbourne is a great city and I’m certain that my dad will be able to find a career that he enjoys. My dad just doesn’t know what options are available to him because he dropped out of year twelve forty-odd years ago and got a job in a bank straight away. He’s been stuck in the banking industry ever since, and I’m fairly certain he’s hated every minute of it. At the very least, he’s hated working there for the last twenty years that I’ve been alive. 

I thought it was normal to hate your job until I found myself in a career that I love. In my last year of school I was lucky enough to have a couple of meetings with a youth career advisor. Melbourne young people now have a lot more resources available to them than the youth did when my father was young, which set me up very well to enter a career that I love. I didn’t go to university because I didn’t want to pursue a career that needed it. Instead, I am an apprentice hairdresser at tafe and I absolutely love it. I’m thriving in my career and one day I’d like to open my own salon. 

I really want my dad to be happy and experience the joy I do when working. I love him. I hope visiting a career counsellor helps.