DIY Debacle

I’m daunted by the DIY project I need to have completed in the next couple of weeks. My girlfriend just got a dog and wants me to build her a dog kennel. She thinks this is no problem and an easy job for me, because I may have told her when we first met that I’m really good with tools and am quite a handyman. I wanted to impress her and it just came out, but it was a lie: I’m definitely not good with tools. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even been to a hardware store. Around Bayside, where I live, there are plenty of builders to go around and I’ve never needed to build anything, so why would I visit a hardware store? I’ve made a grave mistake.

When she asked me to make the kennel, I panicked at the recollection of my little white lie and the ramifications it was about to have. I couldn’t tell her that I lied to her and so instead I told her I could definitely make the dog house. I have two weeks to make it before she wants the dog to start sleeping outside. Seriously, help me… I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. 

I guess tomorrow I’ll need to find a building supplies store. Cheltenham shops seem to have a lot of stock, if the furtive walk-by I did the other day is anything to go by. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find someone in the store that would be happy to make it for me, as a paid job of course. I don’t even care how much it costs to get done, as long as it looks handmade and good quality so I can fool my girlfriend. I’ve definitely learnt my lesson. I won’t lie about any other admirable traits that I want her to think I have. I’ll never be able to tell her the truth about this though. If we get married I’m going to have to sneakily outsource DIY jobs forever.