Cold, Leaky Shower

I haven’t had a decent shower in almost two weeks. My shower issues started last Monday when I went to have my morning shower before work and there was no hot water. I tried for about ten minutes to get my shower to work before I gave up and had to get into my work clothes without a shower. When I turned off the shower, I noticed that it wouldn’t turn off completely. It kept dripping, but I didn’t have enough time to mess around with it because I had wasted all my time not showering in the first place.

I made a mental note to check the shower when I got home to see if the water was warm and the shower was no longer leaking, but alas, when I got home neither was the case. I let this go for about a week, trying every day to have a shower. I managed to get one warm shower in during that time, but every other day was a fail. On the weekend, I decided to call someone to do a leaking shower repair. I was thinking that maybe that had something to do with the lack of hot water, but I was definitely going to ask the repair person to check out the hot water too.

Unfortunately, the repair person hasn’t been able to come yet, but they will finally be coming tomorrow. I took a day off so that I could be around to answer any questions and then have the longest shower in the history of the world, and I’m so excited for it. You don’t realise how important showers are until you can’t have one. I hope when the repair person comes tomorrow they don’t turn around and say that I need something like a full bathroom refurbishment. Unfortunately, when it comes to bathroom design companies, Melbourne is an expensive city and I really can’t afford to do anything other than get my shower fixed.

I am so excited for tomorrow. I genuinely can’t wait.