Car Breakdown

Yesterday, I had the most important business meeting of my life, and would you believe, I almost didn’t make it. I had this coffee booked in for almost a month, and it was with the Managing Director of one of the biggest accountancy firms in Hobart. However, instead of arriving forty-five minutes early like I wanted to, I was hours late. It became apparent about twenty minutes into my two hour drive that I was in desperate need of emergency car repairs. Around Hobart, this wouldn’t be such a big deal but the city is quite a drive from where I live. It was imperative that I get to the city on time for the coffee, so that I could hopefully land this job and move to the city. But of course, my car broke down. 

As soon as my car stopped working, I called the mechanic. I didn’t have any time to waste, with the time of my meeting fast approaching. I made it very clear on the phone that I was in a massive rush, and that I needed the problem fixed faster than they’ve finished anything else before. Thank goodness the company sent out someone incredible competent for a mobile auto electrical service. Hobart was too far away to make it in time after the mechanic had finished fixing my car, but he fixed it quicker than anyone else would have. I called the Managing Director, apologised profusely and explained the situation and luckily for me, he was really nice about it. He agreed to meet significantly later in the afternoon. 

When I arrived, I had fifteen minutes to spare before the Managing Director was set to join me. I sat down, settled myself and went over my talking points. I was ready to put on the most professional presentation of my life, but would you believe it, when he arrived the first thing he mentioned was that the mechanic did a good job with my car. As you can imagine, the meeting was a success after that.