Tour Day Five

Alright, day five of Airy the Air Conditioner’s book tour. Here we go.

I’m feeling a bit better than I did last night. The negativity from yesterday got me down, but after a good night’s sleep, I think I’m ready for whatever this day can throw at me. Like it or not, I’m a role model for air conditioners everywhere now. They look up to me and expect me to respond better than posting a rant online. That’s why I decided that the first thing I did today would be posting something positive instead. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve only got two days of the tour left, and I’m going to make the most of them.

I’ll have to get ready to go soon because the Society of Air Conditioning near Warranwood will be waiting for me. I’m presenting a slide show to their members, sharing how I’ve gotten through so many years without being decommissioned. It’s a fear that every air conditioner has to face. I still remember when my manufacturer explained to me the concept of planned obsolescence. I’ve managed to defy the odds and stay functional for many years past my expected end date, and everyone wants to know how. Mostly, it’s been a positive attitude and a lot of luck. We all worry about the day that we’ll be shut down and the world will go black, though. Hopefully, I can make just a few air conditioners fear it less.

I’ve been really enjoying my talks about air conditioning servicing. Hallam will be the next suburb to receive one, and hopefully it’s well-received. After that, I’ve only got two suburbs left on this book tour. Twelve suburbs in six days has been a lot of work, but if I’ve done my job right, some air conditioners should be feeling better about life. For those outside of the suburbs I’ve visited, you can always pick up my memoir from your local bookstore or order it online.

– Airy