Innovation, Wasted…

Here I am watching an episode of Lizard’s Lair and literally yelling at the screen. I’ve never yelled at the screen in my life, and I’m well into my Aussie Rules football, so this is deeply surprising. I just get so frustrated at wasted potential, which is the reason I became a teacher. So many kids with so many talents, and they’re all going to waste unless I do something.

I finally feel like I’m at a place in my career where I’m happy, and what happens? I start watching Lizard’s Lair, and there’s some idiot on there displaying ‘rave balustrades’, and I’m immediately back on the wagon. Off the wagon. Whatever.

Commercial window tinting services, Melbourne having windows aplenty, are big news at the moment. You’d think if someone invented windows that can become tinted with just a spray of water, that would also be big news. And yet, this guy opts to turn them into stair balustrades. Why, just… why? Why not just do an even MORE stupid thing and make a glass coffee table that can become tinted? I’d love the ability to spray a bit of liquid on my windows and have them tint in seconds, but nope, this amazing idea was totally squandered, and now everything thinks it’s stupid. No, the basic idea is great; it just showed up in the wrong context.

That didn’t quite cause me to start yelling at the TV, but there were several noises of frustration. No, what caused the verbal outrage was the reveal of flashing LEDs within the balustrades. That, my friends, was the proverbial straw that broke the back of the camel.  

I calmed down somewhat after I remembered that there are many tinting businesses in Melbourne. Frosted window glass is perfectly obtainable, and one guy abusing glass on television doesn’t really mean much. 

Gosh, people are idiots sometimes. I guess that’s why this particular idiot made it on TV in the first place.