Bath Style

Why do people put so much effort into personalising their homes, but then go and drop the ball when it comes to the bathroom? It’s only one of the most functional spaces in a house, second only to the kitchen. Maybe that’s all that people think it ought to be. In my opinion, the aesthetic should be elevated to match the powerful functionality of this room, which in most cases is drastically underused as a platform for self-expression.

I know it’s not really that big a deal, but I can’t help getting a bit fired up about it. There’s just so much untapped potential on offer in the realm of bathroom design ideas. Melbourne could really stand to take a few cues from some of the world’s various bathing cultures, such as those of Finland, Japan, Turkey and even ancient Rome. Bathing in your average Melbourne home could be raised to an art form, if only local designers would take the plunge, so to speak.

Of course, there are other parts of homes that tend to be neglected, design-wise. Take the laundry. Designers could stand to push a bit harder here in creating an immersive space that really draws you in. Like, imagine if unloading the washing machine could be as much of an experience as, say… having a ceremonial bath in your beautifully appointed designer bathroom? 

I mean, sure, unloading a washing machine takes all of 30 seconds at most, so it’s not like it’s a place that anyone spends a lot of time in. Maybe the effort that goes towards innovation in laundry design is, in fact, commensurate with the nature of the space. The bathroom, though – that’s a different story. Many people routinely spend an hour in the bathroom every single day, so surely it would pay to make it an inspiring and spiritually expansive experience. 

It’s the next frontier of home interior design, mark my words.