Sleeping With Heat


I think it might be time for an upgrade. This summer, I’ve been fighting the heat with a single fifteen-year-old fan. It’s served me well, but I’ve got to be honest, it’s almost useless on a forty-degree day and the night that follows it. Some nights I can’t even get to sleep. It’s an issue I could easily fix by getting split system air conditioning. Melbourne heat is getting too much for me.


Last night was the turning point. It was just so warm, and I desperately needed sleep. After a couple of hours, I gave up. I knew it was never going to happen. I went and got my laptop and played video games all night. On the bright side, I made great progress on ‘Battlespace’, almost finishing the whole main story in one night. I just hope it’s a bit cooler tonight because I don’t know if I can survive another day without sleeping.

Although, I have gone forty hours without sleep once. It was for charity, but it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was the middle of summer; thankfully I had proper air conditioning back then. The first night was pretty easy since I often stay up late anyway. But it was about halfway through the next day that my exhaustion really kicked in. Hours seemed to fly past and I didn’t know where they’d gone. At one point I just zoned out and went into auto-pilot, and three hours later I’d completed a whole video game without remembering any of it.

During the last hour, I would have failed if not for a knock on the door. It was a repairman for the air conditioner. Apparently I had called about split system repairs around Melbourne, even though the company I’d called worked throughout Sydney. But thankfully they had put me through to their Melbourne location, and sent someone straight away. The fact that he’d turned up probably saved me from falling asleep. By the time he’d fixed it, the forty hours were over, and I went to bed immediately.