Magical Careers Advice

Last night I was watching my favourite movie series, “Boy With the Lightning Scar”, where a bunch of kids get sent off to magic boarding school, and I started wondering what their career days must be like. Do they have universities in the magic world? I haven’t heard any mention of them, so the students must go into jobs straight after school. Since they clearly don’t need major qualifications, how easy is it to switch jobs? Can a magic police officer become a magic medic overnight? I remember from the books that their final exams impact what jobs they can take. But what if you don’t do the classes you need? Do you really have to decide your career path at fifteen? When I was fifteen, I still wanted to drive an ice cream truck.

Still, I think it would be pretty cool to be a magical youth career advisor. Melbourne kids just aren’t as interesting as the students at Cowbells School of Magic and Sorcery. Imagine teaching Lightning Scar Harold and telling him that he should work at the bank, or be a magic businessman. I don’t think there would be a boring career option out there. Meanwhile, my career consultant thought I should be an accountant. I couldn’t help but feel a bit insulted by that. I can do better, even if I have to give up on my dream job of running a laser tag business.

I suppose even an accountant would have a fun time with magic. They’d be able to just wave their wands and make the money disappear. There would probably be plenty of magical trinkets thrown out. They could make quite the collection. They wouldn’t have to drive a massive truck around, either. Flying on a broom and making problems disappear sounds like my kind of job. It almost sounds as good as being a demolitions expert. There are so many bad jobs around. Maybe we just need to put a little magic in them.