The Future is Metal

The Age of Steel approaches. That sounds really ominous, but actually, I just mean that people are very slowly going to become cyborgs. Okay, that also sounds ominous; to clarify, I mean that we are becoming one with the machines.

Yeah, I’m not good at this. Prosthetics. That’s what I mean! I think prosthetics of the future are going to be really useful and look totally awesome. Steel fabrication done in Melbourne, also going to be a big deal, because it’s going to combine the two into a single industry. I like the idea of steel fabrication mills churning out giant steel lintels that you can use to build large things, but also prosthetic limbs, like big old robot creation factories. Except not robots…little robots. Compartmentalised robots. Uh…you know what I mean! 

As much as I’d like to believe the aluminium enthusiasts, I don’t think everything is going to become aluminium by the year 2030. Aluminium limbs are an option, although I don’t really see them becoming the norm. The material isn’t as dense, and thus won’t be quite as heavy, although if you want to use your bionic arm to lift up a car you’re fresh out of luck. Steel is just better, for lifting cars and punching through walls and jumping extremely high, if that’s something you enjoy. Yes, bionic legs are going to be quite a big deal, and it’s going to be awesome, although to achieve significant air with two massive pieces of steel forming your legs is going to be a scientific conundrum.

Questions for later. For now, all you need to know is that providers of steel beams here in Melbourne are going to be very busy. Steel limbs, steel hips, steel heads. That last one is going to take some time for society to get used to. Think of the benefits to humanity, although I admit the magnet industry is going to take a hit.