Salad Days Again

Time flies when you’re having fun, as opposed to when you’re exercising, when time extends to such a degree that you’d think the entropy had accelerated and the universe was collapsing into heat death and time had become a random concept.

So yeah, I don’t like exercising. But while I hate it intensely, I know what the alternative is, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Dad has never been a particularly active guy, spending most of his time on the sofa, but now he’s had to get one of those portable hyperbaric chambers. Melbourne businesses that offer this sort of thing aren’t exactly common, and I had to drive all the way across the city to pick one up while Dad was in hospital. Could’ve had it delivered, but I felt like it was a matter of some urgency. And it was better than sitting around the hospital and feeling useless. Heart attacks are no fun for anyone, as it turns out. Who knew? 

Anyway, Dad now has to use this hyperbaric chamber thing every single day, and there’s something of a catch-22 in that he can’t really exercise at the moment. That would help his heart and his breathing thanks, but he’s still recovering so even short walks carry some risk. He NEEDS to be changing his habits, but currently he’s even more sedentary than ever.

So I’m doing the next best thing and making sure I don’t end up like that. Hyperbaric chambers seem fine and all that, but I’d prefer to avoid having one taking up space in the living room. If the price is some jogging and having salads at work more often, then…sure. Mostly I just want to be healthy for my kids, and maybe grand-kids if that’s not getting too ahead of myself. And it may be the finest example of Melbourne hyperbaric medicine, but fitting that thing in my car was a pain. Really should’ve just gone for delivery.