Terribly Bad Ideas

I’ve been so stressed lately that I had to try something new. I might be my own boss, as Supreme Ruler of the Underworld, the Eternal and Undying Master of All Wickedness, Garthablog the Twenty-Seventh, but that doesn’t mean I am free of pressure. That pressure may be coming from my own mind, but imagine …

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The Insole Queen

Annie is the worst. She’s the worst, hands down, a perfect ten in the worst event. She even managed to get a perfect ten from that one judge who never gives a ten, in anything, because that’s just how much of the worst she is. You know that one person in primary school who came …

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Salad Days Again

Time flies when you’re having fun, as opposed to when you’re exercising, when time extends to such a degree that you’d think the entropy had accelerated and the universe was collapsing into heat death and time had become a random concept. So yeah, I don’t like exercising. But while I hate it intensely, I know …

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