Also an Eco Warrior

As much as I know I’m pretty awesome, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed by my classmates. Master Tiger Sun is exclusive with who he chooses to train, and now that everyone has properly connected with their spirit animal, I can see why. There’s me using my centipede to shake the ground, Yun slicing up whatever he likes with his pterodactyl wing thing, and now Juan has fully connected with his inner dragon and he burns whatever he strikes, including his enemy’s inner spirit…whatever that means.

Cannot get a read on that guy. Just trains like he’s preparing for a war or something, and he’s SO competitive. Not that I can talk in that department.

It’s weird going from my day job to Master Sun’s classes. By day…I help companies transition to 100kw systems and more responsible eco practices. By early evening…I train in a dojo. I guess there’s a responsibility in both places. I’ve always been really passionate about the environment, so a job with ‘GreenWorld’ just seemed like a no-brainer. Even just a couple of years ago when I started, we were a tiny company trying to get corporations to listen to us about installing commercial systems. Now, it looks like climate change and the power of wind farms has finally blown up in the news, and we can’t hire people fast enough with all the clients who need help transitioning to solar. 

I tell you what, I found my true calling in sales. I started off on the front desk, but they noticed pretty quickly how I never took no for an answer, and I moved into sales after just a couple of months. Now I use sales techniques to save the environment. You’re very welcome, human race. At least now I don’t have to answer a thousand calls a day from people asking if we can come and install their solar panels.

No…we don’t do that. I’m happy to put you onto commercial solar providers in Melbourne, sir, because that’s what we actually do. Good grief. 

Now Master Sun is talking about training us for a ‘true, graver purpose.’ Ah, he’s always having future visions or whatever. Whatever it is, we can handle it.