Vintage Shopping: Advanced

Buying a home? Welcome to the wonderful world of decisions. The stakes are high, and you’d better make the best choices or be condemned to a lifetime of regret… right? Well, no. It’s not quite as important as all that. You still want to make a solid investment, though, at least in terms of your lifestyle if not financially. So, what should you prioritise?

If you’re a normal person, I can’t really help you there. You’d be better off talking to an industry professional about that, like a buyers advocate. Around Melbourne, there are plenty of people well versed in that field, and I can assure you I’m not one of them. Stop reading here unless, like me, you happen to place prime value on (a) vintage style and (b) aesthetic consistency.  If you do fit this bill, then come with me on a journey to vintage-shopping heaven. 

Houses, you see, offer a whole new world of delights for the savvy vintage aficionado with cash to splash. Take one step into the realm of ‘original’ kitchen fit-outs and ‘untouched’ bathroom tiles, for example, and you’ll never look back. Imagine taking your outfit beyond yourself and into your surroundings… are you feeling it? Well, that’s what this is all about. Your house can – and indeed should, if you’ve got the money – be an extension of your signature look.

Sadly, many houses have been renovated to get rid of awesome features like mid-century cabinetry and colour schemes, contributing to their loss in the sands of time. With this in mind, I see it as my job as stylist specialising in vintage to promote the value of these features within the real estate arena. It’s unlikely that this will have a major impact, as most buyers are more likely to value a contemporary makeover than a beautifully maintained period piece, which they consider outmoded or inconvenient. 

That’s their decision. Likewise, your decision is yours, and I urge you to consider buying a house in same way you’d shop for fine vintage accessories.