My Botanical Balcony

I love me some gardens, see! I got myself a little planter box at home, right outside on the balcony. There’s barely enough time to turn around on that thing, but I got my planter box hanging over the edge. It’s on display, so you bet that after a long day of hunting for the latest big scoop, I need to unwind with a bit of…plant therapy, see?

I think about it all the time, especially when I’m crouched in a flowerbed, trying to blend in with the shrubs. The other day I was trying to get an interview with Yaival DuMesque, and I happened to notice that I was crushing a set of bougainvillea. Those things must’ve just sprouted upwards, because they LOVE to climb, see! I went home that night, getting back at about 1:30am (I was really wanting to get a quote from DuMesque at his garden party, but he ended up leaving surrounded by his bodyguards). The sprinklers had chased me out, I was soaking wet, but I made sure to get online before I slept and order some bougainvillea. If you ain’t spending time with your hobbies before you sleep, then you ain’t sleeping right, nyah! I needed to because I was gonna get up at 2:30am that morning for a photo-shoot with a Horse Dentistry Weekly. 

Drove out the country to take pictures of horse teeth, and what did I see when I was there? Daffodils! So many daffodils, covering the field where we were having the photoshoot. I know there are loads of those in nature, but I just had to have some for my planter box, see! That night I was there again, buying daffodils online. I wait for them to arrive, plant them in my box, and pretty dang soon I have a splash of yellow down there, for everyone driving past the balcony to see.

It can’t all be gumshoe reporting, nyah! You gotta find something you love. And the thing I love just so happens to be somethin’ I see when I’m out on jobs. Look at that, an agapanthus! Nyah, see! Agapanthus! 

I gotta be careful. Don’t want my planter box breaking free and hurtling to the ground.

-Scoop McGee