My Former Friend

You know, sometimes it takes a meeting with an old friend to truly figure out why you’re not friends with that person anymore. I hadn’t seen my old friend Justine since high school; we did all the same subjects, same exams, said we’d be friends forever, then went to different universities and never saw each other again.

Until yesterday. Hubby was looking after the kids, Golf Expo is ticking over nicely (for once…) and I thought I’d catch up with Justine, at last! 

So yeah, she tried to suck me into a pyramid scheme. And it was to do with office window tinting, which I CANNOT stand, because I have friends in the office window tinting industry, doing good honest work, and their names are being dragged through the mud. Just ain’t happening,  Justine. She reels me in with our old friendship, and says that there’s a special deal going where she gets money for recruiting friends to get their office windows tinted, and if I recruit five friends, I get a special deal on my OWN office window tinting.

So…Justine knows nothin’ about my life, does she? I don’t work in an office, Justine. None of my friends do. We don’t need office window tinting, or decorative window film, and if anyone we know actually does need that stuff, we’re not gonna point them in your direction. We got reputable Melbourne companies for ALL that jazz. 

Dang, that was an awkward meeting. For her. Started warmly enough, then she made the mistake of trying to spring the business plan on me when we were enjoying a glass of wine. Oh, Justine…I ain’t the silly girl you knew in school, even if YOU never moved on from that point. If I needed a Melbourne window frosting company, I’d go to a REAL one, not some shady folks who try to suck other people in. You gotta learn, girl! 

This is worse than when I got back in contact with Tetrabenazine and she tried to convince me to join her in her crazy church of rabbit worship. ‘Sisterhood of the Hops’. Yeesh.