Building My Castle

I think it’s time I upgraded my lair. You can only survive as an evil scientist in a treehouse for so long before the other supervillains start laughing at you. I had to politely decline my invitation to Villain Con, stating that I was busy “tending to my vast army of venomous cats”, which was …

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My Former Friend

You know, sometimes it takes a meeting with an old friend to truly figure out why you’re not friends with that person anymore. I hadn’t seen my old friend Justine since high school; we did all the same subjects, same exams, said we’d be friends forever, then went to different universities and never saw each …

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She’s a Spy, Aye

I cannot believe it. I cannae believe it. What I mean is that I can’t believe that Shaun was secretly Scottish this entire time. She’s been living in Realsville for ten years, faking an Australian accent, and only recently was it revealed that she’s an envoy of Scotland, send to study these Australian people by …

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