She’s a Spy, Aye

I cannot believe it. I cannae believe it.

What I mean is that I can’t believe that Shaun was secretly Scottish this entire time. She’s been living in Realsville for ten years, faking an Australian accent, and only recently was it revealed that she’s an envoy of Scotland, send to study these Australian people by her government. She revealed her secret on stage at the Annual Pig Judging Ceremony, tearing off her wig to reveal flaming red hair and throwing off her dress to reveal a tartan spy bodysuit underneath. Then she flew away in a blimp shaped like a set of bagpipes.

Wow. What a twist. And this really does leave the aluminium window replacement plot line without a resolution, because Shaun was the one coordinating all those aluminium doors that were supposed to be replaced all across the town. 

This was quite a few episodes ago, but I do remember Sammy Oilsnake riding into town in a Lamborghini, telling everyone that he’d discovered a massive aluminium mine right outside town, and that all aluminium products were now going to be super cheap. How he actually found the mine remains a mystery. People rushed to get their doors upgraded to aluminium doors, and windows as well, because when the cost is ten dollars per door, why not? Turned out that Sammy Oilsnake was lying, and actually just delivered several tons of aluminium foil before skipping town. So now the whole town has a standing order for replacement windows and replacement doors, and they can’t go back on it, so they’ve had to organise a committee to make sure all the doors are distributed evenly. 

Shaun was supposed to be the head, but she was too busy spying and neglected that particular duty, so now they need a new person to cover the window frame installation and…assorted aluminium chores.

I wonder what other secret nationalities could possibly be lurking beneath the surface…?