Random Windows

Things are always changing around here, at the Melbourne base of the Elders of the Internet. Our main group still lives in London, protecting the box that controls the internet, but a few of us had the compulsion to come to Australia. As our the first rule of our order is living a life in random, we had to do it. We got our passports sorted and came to the Melbourne CBD, rented an office space and got to work. The work of randomness, of course. We’re always switching our equipment or ordering from a store that provides replacement windows because that’s what the dice, the cards or the random word generators suggest. As long as our actions can not be predicted, we’re doing our job right.

Just the other day, I went to the random word generator on the internet and got a few words. The first was ‘romance’, which prompted me to go to a bookshop and buy a romance novel. I read the entire thing on the way home. The second word was ‘blog’, so I began this blog post (although I didn’t have much content at the time, which is why I waited to finish it, with help from the randomly generated word ‘wait’). The last word I generated was ‘aluminium’, so I decided to purchase an aluminium window replacement near Melbourne, even though I don’t have aluminium windows.

When we Elders of the Internet are prompted to go on holiday, it’s always a fun experience. Some people like to randomly generate a country, or point to a random point on a map, but I like to do it a bit differently. I gather some friends to play the world domination board game Chance. As we play, I keep track of all the territories I take over, writing down their number in order. I then take the number of soldiers on the board at the end of the game and divide it by three. Whatever number I end up with decides which country I’m going to, based on the previously mentioned order. Next week I’m going to Siberia. I bet that’s going to be fun.