Dinner Party Ruse

Let me set the scene for you, its New Years Eve and I’m having my friends and their partners over for a dinner party. My friends and I are all in our early thirties now, so our years of party hopping are behind us. We used to manage to get ourselves invited to multiple parties and celebrate from dusk until dawn, but now instead we enjoy sitting around a nice big cheese platter with a couple of bottles of wine and extremely good company. It’s funny how when a person gets older, their tastes change too. Ten years ago I would’ve scoffed at the idea of a quiet New Years, and now I’m the person hosting the quiet New Years.

When I invited everyone over, I thought I made it pretty clear that I wouldn’t be serving dinner, because honestly, I can’t cook to save my life. On the invite I sent out, I thought I wrote that I’d be serving food but eat before, but thanks to autocorrect, the invite said don’t eat before. Insert the facepalm emoji here. When someone pointed it out to me a couple of days before the event, I couldn’t believe it. She’s one of my best friends and said she was shocked that I was offering to cook meals for twelve people, but for some reason she didn’t think to mention it until crunch time. Pun intended. 

At that moment, I had to think on my feet. I couldn’t retract what I had said on my invite, but I sure as heck couldn’t cook for twelve people. I decided to have twenty weight loss prepared meals delivered to my house, where I could take them out of the packet secretly and serve them as my own. I ordered more than needed, so that I could give everyone a bigger portion size. I wasn’t sure how big the meals would be, so I overcompensated. Some of the meals were from the high protein meal delivery service, and they were delicious.

Seriously, I pulled it off. It was the greatest ruse of all time. A terrible mistake turned into a happy accident. Now everything thinks I can cook!