Tradie Ute Goals

I just bought a new ute, a real standard cheap one. I decided on a cheap ute for two reasons; firstly I’m low on funds seeing as I’m a third year carpenter, and secondly I am really into creating things from scratch. 

My new project is going to be to deck out my car. I’m going to turn my basic ute into the pinnacle for car storage. I’ve drawn up all the plans and I’m going to take them to an aluminium ute compartment engineer so that they can help me create the best ute in the southern hemisphere. I’m going to watch whilst they work so that hopefully next time, I can do it myself. 

I’m going to start with one of those aluminium ute canopies, to cover the exterior of my ute. This way all my compartments and belongings will be protected from the elements (and the people looking to find themselves some new tools). Just to be clear when I say start, that putting up the canopy will be the last thing I actually do, but it was my first idea and is the first thing everyone will see so we’ll call it the ‘start’. Pretty much, it will be the start of the masterpiece. 

Inside the canopy will be a maze of intricate boxes and compartments that store every possible tool and item I could imagine. My work mates will open up the canopy and be amazed at the level of detail inside. I might even get myself a job on the side where I design people’s ute storage. I’ll make a ton of money so that I can build at work for pocket money and then do what I love on the side. Everyone will be dying to get a unique ute toolbox. Melbourne tradies will flaunt them across the state, and I’ll even get the tough, rural tradies wanting my work. It’ll be bloody great. Can’t wait to get started.