Fishing with Grandfather

My grandfather recently passed away, which has been devastating for my family. I’d say it’s devastating for me especially, but I guess I don’t know how everyone’s feeling deep down so I probably

can’t say that I’ve been the hardest hit. I just miss him so much already. 

My grandfather and I spent a lot of time together before he passed away, because of our love for fishing. He was the person that bought me my first fishing rod and took me out on the water for the first time. I’ll never forget those moments with him. 

He had his own boat, that looking back on it was nothing special, but it was the coolest thing in the world to me when I was young. The boat had a bait board on it and I used to love lining up all our bait so that it would be ready for our big day of fishing ahead. It’s the little things that my grandfather always let me do that I’ll never forget.

I remember the day I caught my first fish. I was with my grandfather, of course, and it was our third fishing trip together. It was a tiny little fish and we threw it back once I caught it, but my grandfather was so proud. I remember looking up at him as a ten-year-old boy and seeing tears in his eyes. He was more excited than I was, and I was very excited. The next day we went searching for snapper racks for sale. Melbourne isn’t what I’d call a fishing city, but my grandfather went around and told every person he could find that I had caught my first fish. He told them that we needed to buy snapper racks because I was clearly an expert at fishing and would be catching multiple fish at once from now on. 

My grandfather made me feel like the most talented fisher in the world, and I’ll never forget him for it.