Urgent Car Repairs

You wouldn’t believe how much of a mess I’ve gotten myself into. Last week I rented a convertible to pick up a girl on our first date. I had accidentally let a little white-lie slip that I owned a convertible when I was chatting with her online, and I didn’t think of it again until she said she was looking forward to going in a convertible for the first time. I panicked and rented the first one that I found. This should have been where the mistake ended, but it gets worse.

The date went well and I dropped her home. We made plans to meet up again so I was feeling pretty good which really distracted me on the drive home. I ended up driving really hard into the curb on my driveway and damaging the rental car. I was due to give the convertible back the next morning, but I called them and told them I needed the car for another week. 

The very next morning (whilst crying my eyes out, mind you) I called a car mechanic near me and begged for an urgent car repair service. Thankfully the mechanic could get me in early, because there was a lot of work to do on the rental car. I honestly think his face looked as distressed as mine when he saw the state of the car. It’s such a beautiful car that the fact it had been messed up like this was depressing for everyone. He promised me that he’d be able to fix it, but warned me it would cost a bit of money. I told him I’d pay anything as long as it was fixed.

I’m lucky that the mechanic also happened to be a skilled auto electrician. Underwood has plenty of people who can do mechanical work, but excellent electrical skills are harder to come by, and it turned out the car needed the lights rewired. This whole ordeal was – and still is – a serious mess. I hope the girl is worth it.