New Hobart Mechanic

I just moved from Melbourne to Hobart for work. I know that sounds funny because usually it’d be the other way around, but the company I work for has expanded and just opened an office in Hobart. I am going to be the Managing Director of the Hobart branch. I am extremely happy about it. When my work offered me the job, I jumped at it. I’m a single man in my early thirties and so it was extremely easy for me to pick up my life and move across the ditch. I didn’t think twice about it.

Now that I’m in Hobart, I’ve been setting up the mundane things that I kind of forgot about before moving. For example, I’ve just found a new doctor and dentist, and now I’m on the hunt for a Hobart auto mechanic. I’m a responsible man and I wouldn’t want to be caught out having car troubles and have no one to call on to fix them. After all, you don’t become the Managing Director of a company without forward thinking and delegating.

I like to be thorough, and so in choosing my auto mechanic I’ve taken the initiative to personally visit all the ones in my area. I’ve chatted with around five different mechanics now, and they all seem quite competent. The mechanic I chose, however, is a step above the rest. I know he is someone that I’ll be able to trust if I’m ever in trouble. I only keep the best of the best in my inner circle, and that’s him. He may even be better than the mechanic I had in Melbourne… we’ll see.

He will be the first person I call if I ever need car repairs near Hobart. The roads are quite different from Melbourne’s, and so it’s possible that my car may not be suited to these conditions. Luckily I have the perfect person to call on if I need it.