Grinding Teeth Problems

Over a prolonged period of excessive partying, I have officially ruined my teeth. When I’m at an event I have a bad habit of grinding on my teeth, and as I am quite a social girl, this happens a lot. I have officially grounded some of my back teeth right down to the gum, which is really terrible because I need them to eat. I’ve been noticing the slow demise of my teeth for many years now, but now it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer put off doing something about it.

I sheepishly called the local Bayside dentist yesterday and explained my situation. Apparently, this is a rather uncommon occurrence, but he has seen this on one other occasion. He said he knew what to do to prevent more damage occurring to my teeth, and will be able to give me fillings to build up the teeth that have been destroyed. 

I’ll admit that all of this sounds a bit full on, but I guess I stuffed up enough that this is the only solution. I’m glad that I chose a dentist who clearly knows what they’re doing, and was willing to be up front about the solution and what would be required by me. The process will involve preventative dental treatment that will strengthen my teeth in the hope that my teeth can withstand the inevitable grinding they will be forced to endure in the future. 

Seeing as these treatments are going to cost me a fair bit of money, I’ve decided that I’m going to start chewing bubble gum when I’m out to try and take the pressure off my teeth. If I can chew into bubble gum instead of my teeth, all the money I’m spending on these dental procedures will be worth it.

I hope I don’t ruin my teeth again because I can’t afford to get them fixed to this level for a second time.