General Van Servicing

So I’ve found a van and gotten a roadworthy certificate! It took me a couple of months to get all of that done, which has slowed things down a bit with my doggy daycare business. But now my van is finally up and running and I can take it to the local mechanic in Raceview to get it fully checked out. I’m really glad that my van is deemed safe to drive, but I want it to be more than that. 

Why do I want anything more than a roadworthy car? That’s simple. I believe that to run the best doggy daycare business in Raceview, then I have to have the best quality of everything. That means taking the dogs to the best parks in the area, giving them deliciously healthy treats and driving them in a van that is of the highest quality it can possibly be. 

To ensure that I have the best van possible to transport the dogs around in, I’m going to ask the mechanic to do some thorough and expert general servicing. Raceview mechanics take their jobs very seriously, and I’ll give the mechanic permission to do whatever he needs to do to make my van the best. I obviously don’t know what will need to be done because I’m not a mechanic, but I’m assuming I’ll probably need some general van maintenance and maybe a brake or clutch repair. The only thing I know the mechanic won’t need to do is a logbook service because my ‘new’ van isn’t very new at all. But it doesn’t matter how old the van is as long as I keep it well maintained. It’ll be like fine wine.

I’m about one week away from having a fully operational doggy daycare business. What started out as a little side hustle to make some extra money is going to turn into a full time job at this rate, and how exciting is that? Working with dogs for a living is a dream come true.